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We seek to improve awareness on digital economy, earning from installations and maintainance of tangible financial assets, simplifying complex crypto trading mechanisms and currency exchange activities to ultimately meet the investment desires of interested group, individuals or investors in all parts of the world.

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Integrated construction services

harperholdingsarl.net for many years have been known for offering unique and quality infrastructural services, out expirience and construction methods are unrivalled.

Real Estate Management

We introduced the customer relationship management (CRM) system in maintaining a fantastic business relationship with our real estate clients. We also digitalized investments on our various real estate holdings to encompass a wider investment population which is a hull mark on our obvious financial progress.


Our activities extends to the procurement of agricultural machineries, we envisaged a steady financial growth in the agro-based industry and initiated an exploration process towards easier and faster processing of our agro-based products. We aim at achieving a successful digitalization of this sector to empower more investment capacity and profit maximization.

Innovative Digital Banking

We are digital banking experts in providing personal human-centred services that puts the financial priorities of our account holders first. Our financial banking assets have been innovatively upgraded to suit the use of cryptocurrencies and the various digital currencies which had a progressive impact on our client's population.

Financial Digital Assets

Our digital assets which includes cryptocurrencies and other valuable digital currencies. harperholdingsarl.net offers general investment opportunities to investors in all parts of the world to Invest in her tangible financial assets and other financial activities using digital currencies. We pride ourselves as an entity that offers the best investment services with thousands of investors on our list and confidently investing in one or more of our investment plans.


In response to a recent rise in demands for our services and valued assets, our Harper Stock Holdings have increased tremendously placing us among the recognisable stock brokers in Luxembourg with about 7.5 million stock units available on sales (at $7000 per stock unit with the possibilities on monthly increase of about 15.5% in profits on any number of stocks Acquired (TSA) with a 4.5% daily profit gains and an eligibility on stock resales after two months of purchase) initiating an improved and advanced participation from investors willing to actively participate with us as share holders. Our Legal Correspondence on rights of confidence and flexible risk management will also be issued on all stocks acquired for transparency reasons.

Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Services.

Our CBI services provides our registered and active investors with the opportunity to easily procure Immigration documents and a Legal Visa Permit (LVP) at the Harper Discount Rate (HDR). This is in a bid to ultimately ensure that our valued investors accomplish their desired interest which includes navigating other countries in respect to tourism or gaining citizenship in notable countries including Australia and Canada aside from our Schengen Visa (SV) among others

Accepted Coins


Our Investment Missions

We encourage investors all over the world to actively participate on our Progressive, Asset and Platinum Investment offers. Investors has the right to secure their future with dividends from their investments.


harperholdingsarl.net improvises modern technicalities into channeling earnings from various financial asset management and simplified currency exchange and automated trading techniques in providing better profit ratings to our investors all over the world.

Why choose harperholdingsarl.net?

Overtime Proven Strategy

We have a deeply resourced team of investment specialists and a forensic approach to proprietary research. We work with clients to identify new areas of investment potential. Launching niche strategies and building bespoke solutions allows us to capitalise on what we believe to be the most compelling market and asset-class developments while seeking to capitalise on dispersion.

Tailored Investment solutions, delivered cost-effectively

We filter every decision we make through the question: "Does this help us become the most trusted brand in the space?" Trust is the sum of every interaction customers have with us as a company. It requires us to be world class at security, compliance, technology, customer support, design and more.



Jeff Kane
Guys, I just want to send you a message of appreciation. Great support, great service, it is a delight to be on your platform.
The best trading platform i have come accross. Seriously though, secure and easy to use website, good communication and support, and a good team.
John West
Until now they are doing great, fast transactions, reliable.. they are totally different from worthless platforms like cex.io , keep good work